Shipping – Additional Costs

10.00 NZD80.00 NZD

1.0kg to 1.5kg1.5kg to 2.0kg2.0kg to 2.5kg2.5kg to 3.0kg3.0kg to 3.5kg3.5kg to 4.0kg4.0kg to 4.5kg4.5kg to 5.0kg


For all international orders between 0 – 1kg, there is a flat rate of $30nzd (or $20nzd for Australian Orders).

If you order exceeds 1kg, then you can contact us regarding a quote for your order, or if you have worked out the weight of your order, you can add the additional cost here.  This cost will be additional to the $30nzd which you will pay at checkout (or $20nzd for Australia).