Trendz Chunky Set

48.10 NZD

KNITPRO Trendz Interchangeable Circular Needles

Chunky Set

–  3 colourful acrylic interchangeable circular needles tips

– Packed in Clear vinyl pouch

–  Ideal for Beginners!


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Set contains the following 3 needle pairs & accessories:

  • 9.00mm (US 13) – Green
  • 10.00mm (US 15) – Orange
  • 12.00mm (US 17) – Red
  • in Clear vinyl case
  • 3 Cables (60cm/24″, 80cm/32″ & 100cm/40′)
  • 6 End caps
  • 3 Cable keys

Set description:

  • A Set designed to easily manage thicker chunky yarns
  • Set includes 3 pairs of Trendz Acrylic Interchangeable Needles and 3 cables
  • Sharp and Gradually Tapered Points are ideal for all knitting projects
  • Smooth Joins for threading with cable – enables stitches to slide around needles effortlessly
  • All Trendz Acrylic Interchangeable sizes completely match with the KnitPro Symfonie & Nova Metal Interchangeable sizes thus allowing use of same cables and other accessories
  • Lightweight, smooth, with the right flexibility – yet exceptionally strong & durable
  • Warm to the touch and gentle in the hand
  • Ideal for beginners
  • All needles produced in colour acrylic material on specially designed machines
  • A much superior product compared to regular plastic needles which are injection moulded
  • Clear top vinyl pouch with 3 needle pockets to hold the tips
  • Two bigger pockets to contain extra tools or small projects
  • Well-priced: Offers great value for money

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