Perfume “Pacific Goddess”

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Personality:  The Goddess within every woman

Perfume Type:  Sweet Spicy – Soft Floral – Oriental


–   Inspired by the mysticism of the female deities in the Pacific, Pacific Goddess is strong, creative and nurturing.

–   This wonderful blend is the most popular solid perfume fragrance from the original range.  It is both soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts.

–   10ml/ 0.33oz solid perfume in Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable wood pot.


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The Original range:  These delightful Solid Perfumes are inspired by the beauty and essence of Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

  • They are created from Essential oils and fragrance compounds and blended into a creamy solid base of jojoba, sweet almond oils and Beeswax.  Vegans please note there is Beeswax in the normal base but please ask us about a Beeswax free option.
  • As for the eco-friendly way of producing the precious pots… the perfect solution – sustainable Beech. Sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests, a new tree is planted for every one that is logged.  The gorgeous little wood pots are many things – compact, everlasting, and beautiful to touch and a clever snap to system keeps them secure as well as sealed with a lacquer certified by the European Standards Authority.
  • So the very good news is – your perfume’s safe in your large hand bag, safe upside down in your small purse – safe until you choose to open it.  It will not open in a rush.  It needs you.  You and a simple ‘snap-to.’  A travel essential and may be taken on the plane as an alcohol free fragrance.
  • The creators of this little pot of magic are strongly against products that have been tested on animals and are proudly certified Cruelty Free.

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