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Welcome to Uberyarn…

We LOVE unique and cool yarns!

unique unusual yarnUBERYARN started as an idea from a Kiwi and South African couple living in the beautiful land of the long white cloud and the land of 30 million + sheep!  While living in New Zealand, which has the highest density of sheep per unit area in the WORLD, it made it hard to ignore the very cool and unique wool products which are created in this country.  At the same time we also wanted to share with you, all of uniquely South African yarn products we had discovered along this journey and so the idea of UBERYARN was born.

Using our passion for yarn and experience with websites and online shopping, we decided to create an online shopping experience for yarn and knitting related products. The UBERYARN website is constantly evolving and changing to provide an easy way to add interesting yarns to your stash.  We want UBERYARN to be an online shopping experience, that’s simple, quick and with a range of unusual products that could make your next project stand out from the crowd. We want to make an amazing range of very unique and uber cool yarns accessible to everyone who loves yarn as much as we do.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide all our products at competitive prices
  • For a smooth and easy online shopping experience
  • We will sell high quality uniquely beautiful yarns and accessories
  • We want you to smile when you receive a package from us


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